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Water Safety / Sun Safety


Information provided here is from the Gold Coast City Council. We’re proud of having Australia’s largest professional lifeguard service to protect our beaches and promote surf safety message throughout our schools and community.

For more about our Lifeguard Service call (07) 5581 6172.

For Safe Beachgoing, NEVER

  • Swim alone or surf at beaches not patrolled by Lifeguards or Lifesavers
  • Bathe outside the red and yellow flags that mark safe swimming areas
  • Bathe directly after a meal or under the influence of alcohol
  • Bathe when the beach is closed. (Observe the sign "Danger- Reserve closed to bathing" and the red flag)
  • Bathe when there are no safety flags
  • Panic if caught in a current or undertow, but raise one arm straight up and float until help arrives
  • Struggle if seized with a cramp, but raise one arm for help, float and keep the affected part of the body still
  • Go out far when a yellow flag is flying- it means the surf is dangerous
  • Bathe if unsure of safe conditions, but seek advice of the nearest Lifeguard
  • Struggle against a rip or current, but swim diagonally across it

Flags and signage

The golden rule for swimmers is:

  • Always swim between the red & yellow flag on patrolled beaches
  • Always read the Flags and Safety Signs and understand what they mean before entering the water

It is important to read the Flags and Safety Signs and understand what they mean before entering the water.

Red & Yellow Flag
Red and YellowFlag (Safety)
Bathe between the Red
and Yellow Flags
Red Flag
Red Flags
Dangerous conditions -
do not enter the water
Yellow Flag
Yellow Flags (Caution)
Swim with caution

Swimming Prohibited
Swimming Prohibited

Surfboard Riding Only
Surfboard Riding Only

Sun Safe


  • Wear long sleeve shirts
  • Tight weave material
  • Collar to protect neck
  • Swimming vests/wetsuits

Hat and Sunglasses

  • A hat with broad brim
  • Sunglasses (look for code AS1067)


  • Use 15+ Broadspectrum
  • Apply 20 minutes before going outside and re-apply every two (2) hours
Apply zinc cream to lips and nose



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